Dr. Adrienne Schnapp

... building trust and providing excellent primary care for the Key West community.


About Dr. Adrienne Schnapp

Adrienne Schnapp, M.D.

Adrienne Schnapp, M.D.

Board-certified Internist

Board-certified internist Adrienne Schnapp, M.D. comes to Key West to expand the availability of primary care and adult medicine in the area. Dr. Schnapp completed her internal medicine residency training at Memorial Health University Medical Center affiliated with Mercer University School of Medicine in Savannah, Georgia.

Personal Background

Dr. Schnapp explains the reason she chose medicine as a career, "I think the real catalyst was a trauma that I sustained when I was ten years old. I was in a car accident and required surgery and skin grafts. The nurses and doctors were so supportive during that long hospital stay. They were very attentive and made me feel safe. I think the experience had a significant impact on my decision to pursue medicine."

Medical Approach

As an internist, Dr. Schnapp works with adult patients, and is experienced in treating a broad range of conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Among Dr. Schnapp's clinical interests are women's health, geriatrics, and preventative medicine.

Geriatrics is challenging, she explains, because older adults often have multiple co-morbidities, use multiple medications, and may lack strong healthcare advocates, a void which Dr. Schnapp hopes to fill through her practice. She strives to help patients optimize their health through balancing a healthy and active lifestyle. She explains one of the best parts of caring for patients is, "building trusting relationships with patients and seeing them meet their healthcare goals."

Key West Community

After growing up in a small town in Mississippi and living in the busy city of Miami, Dr. Schnapp is happy to return to a small town environment like Key West. Joined by her husband, a board-certified neurologist and interventional pain specialist, and their 18 month old daughter, she says, "We are so excited to be part of such a great community." One of Dr. Schnapp's main hopes for Key West is to increase residents' access to healthcare and to provide excellent primary care for the local community.